My Labor and delivery were very intense, and my experience did NOT go as we had planned or expected. Actually, I would describe it as the exact opposite of what we planned for. Was it all worth it to have our beautiful little girl here with us now? Absolutely!! 

This is the first post in my new mommy blog series, where I’ll be sharing my experiences as a new mom with you. I will also be posting some vlogs, so look out for those in the near future. I will still be sharing my online branding and social media tips, plus my motivational blog posts here as well. This is just an additional blog series that I’m throwing into the pot. 🙂
In this first post, I’ll be sharing my crazy and unexpected labor and childbirth story.

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My Labor/Childbirth Story  

At around 4 am on Saturday morning, I went into early labor, and had the pleasure (not really), of being awakened by a very painful contraction. After about an hour of having contractions around every 10-15 mins., I woke up my husband to let him know that I was in labor. But since we’d taken the Childbirth classes at our hospital, we knew that there was a LONG road ahead of us, so we didn’t stress it too much. My hubby then got up, and started the process of timing my contractions, through an app on his iPhone.
I called our Doula around 6 am to let her know as well, and she directed me on what to do for the next several hours, and to give her a call and check in with her again later on in the day.
I was still able to do a lot of things while I was in early labor, because my contractions were so far apart and inconsistent at that point. Hubby and I actually did some shopping at Whole Foods, Marshall’s and Home Goods lol. But, at around 7 pm, things changed, as I began to transition from early labor into active labor.
I called our awesome Doula, named Kyra Caruso, around 9 pm to let her know that I was in active labor, and she came to our place to labor with me. We labored at home until about 12:30 am, then headed to the hospital. When I arrived to the hospital, my contractions were 3 mins. apart, and as soon as we got to the maternity ward, my water broke (what a weird feeling that was)!
Baby Zuri was born on Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013 at 7:10 pm in NYC!

Baby Zuri was born on Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013 at 7:10 pm in NYC!

The Pain of the Contractions
Labor contractions are definitely very painful. They come in like a wave. The pain starts off at about a level 4, then peaks at level 10, the slowly comes back down to zero. It’s a pain unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! But if you use your breath, try to relax, and focus on breathing through the pain vs. tensing up during the contraction, you will get through it.
From No Drugs to an Epidural
I was in labor for about 32 hrs, with no drugs (we planned for a natural, vaginal birth). My total labor time was around 45 hrs total. After 6 hours of our daughter being stuck at 6 centimeters, and not making any progress, they gave me pitocin to try to help move things along. After receiving the pitocin, the contractions got even more intense, and it unfortunately wasn’t even helping things to progress at all.
At that point, I finally got an epidural, because I was just in so much pain, for so long, and there was no sign of progress. It was quite difficult to receive the epidural because, you’re supposed to sit still while they administer it, but I was still having very painful contractions, so it was really hard! But boy was it worth it! Once it kicked in, I was able to sleep, and relax, which was just what I needed, after laboring for so long. My advice: Get the epidural! There’s no need to experience so much pain if you don’t have to. Plus, you’re not totally numb. You can still feel the contractions (slightly), and move your legs. So don’t worry about that.
Surprise, You Need To Have A C-Section
After our baby girl was stuck at 6 centimeters for a total of 12 hrs, we were told that I needed to have a c-section, which I did.
My husband and I were not happy about it at all and consulted our Doula, nurse, each other, and prayed. to get some perspective on whether or not this was truly the best option for us. We even asked the doctor to give us another hour to talk about it, and discuss what my options were.
At the end of it all, we all agreed that, after 12 hours stuck at 6 centimeters, and not a positive response to the pitocin, we realized that a c-section was the best option, and we just wanted our baby girl to be out, and to be healthy. 
After shedding some tears, and praying with my hubby, I was ready to embark on my very first surgery. So, into surgery I went.
The surgery was much longer than I expected actually. Although it only takes about 15-20 mins. to get the baby out, it took at least another hour for them to finish my surgery. And as a result of the anesthesia, and the overall shock to my body, my upper body was shaking uncontrollably the whole time (except for when my hubby brought our little girl over to me to meet her for the first time). It was truly an unforgettable experience!
After being taken to recovery, I did experience some nausea and threw up a couple of times, which was just a side effect of the anesthesia. But I was able to start breastfeeding immediately, and our little girl did not need any direction or coaching at all! She was a complete natural, and has been ever since! 
Baby Zuri at 1 Week Old!

Baby Zuri at 1 Week Old!

Baby #2
IF there is a next time (and that’s a Big IF lol), I will definitely get the epidural much sooner. There was just no good reason for me to be in so much pain for soooo many hours. I just didn’t expect to be in labor for so long, and had hoped to deliver vaginally. I’m also open to trying a home birth with a midwife, and our Doula if I can do a vbac. We shall see…
I don’t know why things went the way they did, but I just kept telling my husband, even through my tears that, “I don’t understand why this is happening, but I trust God”, and my faith truly brought me peace. We have our plans, and God has His plans, so ultimately you have to trust that God will bring you through whatever you have to go through victoriously.
Overall, the experience was totally worth all of the pain that I went through because our little girl is AWESOME & BEAUTIFUL!!
P.S. Don’t believe people who say that “once you see your baby, you forget about the pain”, that is so NOT true! You will never forget the pain that you went through, unless of course, you get amnesia lol. 🙂 
What was your labor/childbirth experience like? Did it go as planned?
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