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I was desperately in need of ways to get my business in front of my ideal dance clients fast, and I was drained, frustrated and stressed out. Then I discovered the power of growing an online dance brand, that is powerful and profitable, and attracts loyal dance clients that pay on time, in full, and return again, and again. Do you want to learn how to do the same?

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Finance Your Dance Academy

The #1 online dance business platform, providing the best in social media marketing, online branding, business strategy, and financial trainings for the dance industry, in the world!

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Video Mastery Academy

Our program teaches you how to master speaking on camera, how to create captivating video content, and how to start making money from your online videos!

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Virtual Dance Teacher Training Academy

The easy way for Overworked and Financially-Stressed Dance Teachers to finally have a way to make money, without teaching more classes, or working more hours.

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Dance Income Accelerator

Your fastest path to profitability as a dance artist! Learn how to create your first passive income stream, in 6 weeks or less using my proven methodology and strategies.

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