Strategy Is Key! Without a comprehensive strategy, you are just wasting your time on social media.

4 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand Online As A Dancer in 2019


Content Is King! An expert-level blog for your brand will highlight the value you have to offer.

4 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand Online As A Dancer in 2019


Compelling visuals & storytelling make you stand out from other brands who offer similar products and services as you.

4 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand Online As A Dancer in 2019


It’s not about how many fans you have, but about building an engaged community.

4 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand Online As A Dancer in 2019


Hi, I’m Ashani! I am the CEO of Ashani Mfuko Consulting Worldwide LLC, and the Founder of Finance Your Dance Academy, and Video Mastery Academy. I am a Business, Marketing, and Money Strategist for the dance industry, and also a Professional Dancer/Dance Teacher.

With over 10 years of experience in Social Media Marketing and Online Branding, and over 20 years of experience in the dance industry, I use my passion for digital marketing and dance to help dance artists and dance business owners decrease their stress, and increase their income, impact, and influence online.

I help professional dancers, and dance business owners build an online brand that is powerful and profitable, through innovative, and creative social media marketing, and online video strategies, that highlight your unique selling proposition, and make your brand the top choice among your competitors. I also teach you how to stop trading dollars for hours, and start making money online, by creating multiple streams of passive income.

Finance Your Dance Academy with Ashani Mfuko

I’ve consulted with some of the top dance brands in the dance industry, as a Business and Marketing Strategist, including: Capezio, Camille A. Brown & Dancers, Bloch Dancewear, The Joffrey Ballet School, So Danca Dancewear, The Triple Threat Talent Tour, and DNA Arts Intensive (to name a few).

How do I do this?

I empower dancers to create a better quality of life by using your God-given gifts and talents, to create multiple streams of passive income online, and make money through your social media presence. I created, “Finance Your Dance Academy” for dancers, to teach you how to stop trading dollars for hours, and start making money online. I created Video Mastery Academy to help you create captivating online videos that convert your followers into paying customers, to get you more comfortable and confident with speaking on camera, and also teach you how to monetize your online videos.

I also teach webinars, online courses, and sell digital products (e-books, video downloads, etc.), that teach dancers and dance biz owners exactly how to monetize your online presence, grow your online brand in a powerful and profitable way, and use proven online video, and social media marketing strategies to stand out from your competitors, and from other dancers or dance business owners who do the same thing as you do.



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