I am the co-owner of the Triple Threat Talent Tour. I decided to hire Ashani after we spoke briefly about the dance industry. Ashani’s knowledge and enthusiasm ensured me that she would be a good fit for our company. As a new company we were looking to market our name better and increase our followers and fans on social media. Ashani was very helpful by coming up with new way to market our name as a business on social media. She was easy to talk to, and always willing to answer questions. There was a day where Ashani and I spoke on the phone for over an hour discussing ideas on how to grow our business. This was not something that she was required to do in the contract, yet she went above and beyond to help! I would recommend Ashani’s services to any company looking to increase their business. She is very resourceful and innovative when it comes to growing a new business, as she helped us increase our social media followers in only a month’s time.


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Niki Kennedy ReedCo-OwnerTriple Threat Talent TourNew York