Abigaelle Coly Testimonial
I connected with Ashani a couple of years ago on Twitter. I was drawn to her positive messages, her smile, and her consistent way of shining her light on social media. I finally got to meet her in person last year, while vacationing in my favorite city, New York City. She is the same genuine, radiant, and kind person in real life, as she appears to be online. After returning to social media in May 2016 from a 6-month, unplanned break, I came back to a lot of changes in the social media world. These changes included the new Instagram algorithm, and I realized that it’s getting even harder to set yourself apart from others on social media.
When frustration, overwhelm, and discouragement finally hit, I knew exactly who to talk to, because I’ve watched Ashani walk the walk and practice what she preaches on social media. I hired her for an “Instagram Audit”. She came up with a 10 step action plan to help me get unstuck. I’ve only scratched the surface of what she mentioned in my plan, and still have more to do, but I can honestly say that, hiring her was definitely a game changer for me!
I’ve seen an increase in my engagement, I am slowly but surely attracting my target audience, and I have more focus with my overall Instagram strategy. Ashani is a mentor turned friend, but she does not sugarcoat the truth. She keeps it real with me and reminds me often to, “get out of my comfort zone”. She’s a cheerleader, but she’s also #TeamNoExcuses. As for me, I am just blessed to know and work with her before she goes viral.


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Abigaelle Coly, Radiant Health Strategist™, Green Beauty Formulator.