How To Host A Successful Twitter Chat In 10 Easy Steps

Learn How To Host A Successful Twitter Chat In 13 Easy Steps! No Fuss, No Muss!

When I started hosting my first tweet chat, the #LetsTalkDance tweet chat, I did not really know what I was doing. I knew that it was a good idea, and a great way for me to connect with other people in the dance community, and build awareness of my #LetsTalkDance radio show, that I was hosting at the time. However, I did not know about all of the tips that I’ve listed for you below. I learned through experience, and trial and error. Luckily, you will be able to avoid the mistakes I made, and have a much shorter learning curve, when starting your own Twitter chat.

When done properly over time, a tweet chat can:

Increase your Twitter followers.
Build lucrative business relationships and opportunities for collaboration.
Highlight your expert status in your niche.
Build brand recognition and trust with your target market.
Establish you as an authority in your industry.      


But wait, in case you were wondering…

What is a Twitter chat?


My friends over at Hootsuite explained it perfectly!

“A Twitter chat, or Twitter live chat, is when an organization or individual uses Twitter to talk about a common interest with others during a predetermined time. A Twitter chat is led by a designated moderator who will ask questions and facilitate the discussion.

A Twitter chat will almost always include a designated hashtag so that members can find the chat and follow along easily. Each time you Tweet or respond to a Tweet within the chat, you simply have to ensure that you include that chat’s hashtag—that way it’s linked and easy for other chat participants to find. If you’d like to find a scheduled chat on a topic you’re interested in, you can check out the Tweet chat directory.”


You know that you’re hosting a successful tweet chat, when this happens….