#TheMommyDiaries 26 Weeks Pregnancy Update: Why I'm Currently In The Hospital
If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, then you already know that I was admitted to the hospital this past week. But you may not know the details of why I’m currently in the hospital, or what happened. So I wanted to share my experience with you today, and let you know what’s really going on.



On Wednesday morning around 7 am, my water broke. I am only 26 weeks pregnant. So its really too early to give birth. I’m about 11 weeks away from full-term pregnancy. My hubby Fredy, my 19-month old daughter Zuri, and I went to the hospital immediately, and after seeing the doctor, I was admitted to the hospital. Our baby girl is fine, healthy, has a strong heartbeat, and everything. I feel fine as well, perfectly normal actually. 



When this happens, they monitor you closely over the next 24 hours, because its possible that you can go into early labor. Thank God that I did not go into early labor, and therefore was able to be moved up to the anti-partum unit of the hospital,  where I will have to stay until she is born. In these situations, they will induce labor at 34 weeks. So I will be in the hospital for the next two months. And when the baby is born, hopefully at 34 weeks, there’s a good chance that she will have to be in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) for a few weeks. At this point, the goal is to keep me pregnant, and the baby inside of me, for as long as possible, for her optimal health and safety. So far, she is very active, happy, and comfy in my belly, so we feel strongly that she will stay that way. She has a very strong heartbeat, and is doing great!



I would say that the hardest part of all of this so far has been being away from my daughter, and not being able to take care of her every day, like I normally do. That’s been the most challenging part out of everything. But I am blessed to have an incredible husband, who is a wonderful father to our daughter! Plus, our family and close friends are just truly some of the most amazing, loving, supportive people a girl could ever ask for. So they are all helping to make this transition and challenging experience, much more manageable.


Thankfully too, hubby brings Zuri to the hospital for long visits with mommy every day, which she seems to be enjoying a lot, so that makes me very happy!




Fredy and I will definitely need your help, support, encouragement, and lots of prayer! I don’t understand why all of this is happening in this way, at this time, but I trust God, and I know that He is faithful. I am staying positive, because I know things could be so much worse.




Blessings In Disguise


  • We were supposed to be flying out to Florida on Thursday morning for vacation, and then to the Bahamas in 2 weeks for another vacation, none of which will be happening now, of course. I thank God that this didn’t happen while we were in another state or country. To God be the glory!


  • The truth is, I need to rest and be taken care of during the last months of my pregnancy, and this is probably the only way that that would’ve happened. Had I been home with my daughter every day, and doing my normal routine, I certainly wouldn’t have given my body the rest and care that it truly needs for this pregnancy.


  • I’m getting ready to start a FANTASTIC new consulting gig, as the Social Media Strategist and Digital Marketing Specialist, for the world-famous, iconic dancewear brand, Bloch Dance USA! What a blessing that I will be able to do the work that I love, from the hospital, and not have any distractions. Focusing on such an exciting, major project will definitely help to keep me sane while I’m in here, and it’s safe for me to do, since I’m on bed rest. My doctors and nurses think that it’s fantastic that I’ll be able to work from my hospital bed, and stay sharp, energized, and connected to my normal, professional life, in such a great way. Yay for wi-fi, and my Macbook Pro! God is good!!


  • It feels great to be in a position and in a place where I will be able to meditate more, and really listen to, and hear what God is saying to me during this time. That is going to be priceless, and I look forward to the spiritual growth and maturity that I will experience during this time.






  • I’m thanking God in advance for using me to help other people (like me) in the hospital, who need encouragement, need to experience the love of Jesus Christ, and the faithfulness and joy that God brings into your life. I feel fortunate to be used by God to be a blessing to others while I’m here at the hospital. I pray that His light will shine in and through me, to help uplift and encourage the other patients here, as well as my doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff.


  By the way, with this beautiful, happy, smiling face in my life, every day is a great day!!



If you’d like details on what hospital I’m staying at, to come by for a visit, or send me something, you can e-mail me at ashani@ashanimfuko.com.


Please keep us in your prayers. Much love! xo

5 Things Every Parent Should Know About Pediatric Cancer #EndChildhoodCancer

5 Things Every Parent Should Know About Pediatric Cancer #EndChildhoodCancer

5 Things Every Parent Should Know About Pediatric Cancer #EndChildhoodCancer

Last week I had the pleasure of attending The MOMS’ and Hyundai’s Hope On Wheels, Mamarazzi® Luncheon at the Warwick Hotel in NYC, with my husband and daughter. The MOMS hosted this luncheon, with guest host Rocsi Diaz, to help raise awareness of pediatric cancer.



There was a fantastic panel of pediatricians, oncologists, and parents (whose children are cancer survivors) at this wonderful luncheon, and I have to say, I learned A LOT! Minus my daughter’s distractions every 2 seconds, I was able to hear stories from these incredible parents, of what it was like to hear the words, “Your child has cancer”. They shared their fears, frustration, confusion, and ultimately, their determination, once they heard those four words, to do everything in their power to get their child healthy again.




Out of everything that was shared at this luncheon, there were five really important points that I want to share with you today, that every parent and doctor on the panel spoke about, in relation to childhood cancer. Although I’ve never personally experienced what it’s like to have a child with pediatric cancer, after attending this luncheon, I felt like I was more equipped and knowledgeable about how to deal with this situation, should I ever be faced with it.




Hyundai Hope On Wheels, a national independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to helping kids fight cancer. The program is supported by Hyundai Motor America and its more than 820 dealers nationwide. Every time a new Hyundai vehicle is sold in the U.S., Hyundai customers join Hyundai and its dealers in this cause.

Our mission is to raise awareness for childhood cancer, donate life-saving research funds and celebrate the lives of children affected by this disease. We are proud to have funded $100 million in pediatric cancer research since inception and we will continue to do so until the day when no child ever has to hear the words, “You have cancer.” Together, we can end childhood cancer! – via The Hyundai Hope On Wheels website

Ashani Mfuko at The MOMS and Hyundai Hope On Wheels Mamarazzi® Photo Credit: Mission 101 Media

Ashani Mfuko at The MOMS’ Hyundai Hope On Wheels Mamarazzi® Photo Credit: Mission 101 Media

5 Things every parent should know about pediatric cancer:


1. It’s not your fault.


There’s no rhyme or reason to pediatric cancer. We don’t know why it happens to the innocent children it happens to. There’s nothing, from a medical standpoint, that you can do to prevent it from happening, related to diet, exercise, etc., unlike different forms of adult cancers. Don’t worry about why it happened. Focus on getting your child healthy again, and keeping your family strong and positive during this difficult time.



2. Know the signs.


Many symptoms of pediatric cancer are similar to the symptoms of lots of other sicknesses and illnesses, which is why it can sometimes go undiagnosed or undetected at first glance. But when you notice unusual things like red spots on your child’s body, lumps or bumps that are there for extended periods of time that have no known source (i.e. from a fall or other accident that occurred), etc., you should look into it immediately. Any symptoms that seem odd, and will not go away, you should not take lightly, and take your child to the pediatrician as soon as possible. Another important point to note is that, there is no evidence that a delay, by a few weeks or so, in seeing the doctor, negatively impacts the severity of pediatric cancer. This is very different from adult cancers like breast cancer or colon cancer, where early detection makes all the difference.


3. Be persistent and proactive.


If your child has symptoms that aren’t going away, and not being resolved by medications prescribed by your pediatrician, don’t stop until you find out what is wrong with them, and a medication that works permanently. Request a blood test, an x-ray, or get a second and third opinion. Basically, don’t quit until you and your doctor have successfully determined what is wrong with your child, and found the proper medication/treatment for them.



4. Follow Your Gut.


If you feel like something is wrong with your child, then it probably is. Your maternal instinct is a powerful force! Do not ignore it and allow a medical professional (or family member/friend) to pacify your doubts and concerns. Pursue answers, solutions, and explanations, until you’re satisfied. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
The MOMS, and Hyundai's Hope On Wheels, Mamarazzi® Luncheon Photo Credit: Mission 101 Media

My daughter Zuri and I with Hyundai Hope On Wheels National Youth Ambassador, Kenny Thomas. Photo Credit: Mission 101 Media


5. Be Determined To Stay Positive and Not Give Up.


No parent wants to hear the words, “your child has cancer”. It’s one of our worse nightmares come to life. But what happens next is what makes all the difference. Resolve to do whatever it takes to get your child well, and back to a clean bill of health again. Stay positive, and know that you, your child, and your family will get through this, and come out stronger on the other side.



The MOMS, and Hyundai's Hope On Wheels, Mamarazzi® Luncheon - Ashani Mfuko with Guest Host, Rocsi Diaz Photo Credit: Mission 101 Media

The MOMS, and Hyundai’s Hope On Wheels, Mamarazzi® Luncheon – Ashani Mfuko with daughter Zuri, and Guest Host, Rocsi Diaz Photo Credit: Mission 101 Media


You may be shocked to discover that only 4% of all federal cancer research funding is designated for pediatric cancer. But you can do your part to raise awareness of pediatric cancer by supporting organizations like Hyundai Hope On Wheels, supporting families who are dealing with this difficult disease, and spreading the word by using the hashtag #EndChildhoodCancer. I pray that one day this disease will be no more. Even one child with pediatric cancer, is one child too many.



#TheMommyDiaries: 5 Things Every Parent Should Know About Pediatric Cancer #EndChildhoodCancer

Please share this post on social media t help raise awareness of pediatric cancer.

Please share this post on social media to help raise awareness and bring attention to this cause. Feel free to leave a comment below as well. I’d love to hear from you!

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This week I did something that I’ve been wanting to do for OVER A YEAR!! I started my new mommy channel on YouTube!! Woo Hoo! This is something that I’ve been wanting to do ever since my daughter was born. I actually thought that I’d be able to start it last year. But between learning how to take care of a newborn, adjusting to motherhood, working from home, creating and managing social media strategies for clients, teaching dance classes, blogging, growing my brand, etc., I had a LOT going on!
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