4 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand As A Dancer in 2019


Can we talk about how to stay relevant, and how to win in this digital world we live in, for a moment please? Today I want to share with you, 4 ways to build your personal brand, as a dancer, in 2019.

But first, let me shine a light on something that I hear people saying all the time, and it honestly needs to stop, if you want to win in this era of technology, social media, and the internet.


“I don’t know how to do that.”


Or my favorite…


“I’m not really good with ________ (fill in the blank with social media, videos, technology, or whatever else you can think of).”


Guys, seriously, it’s okay not to know how to do something. It’s even okay to know your strengths, and be aware of your weaknesses.


But what you’re not gonna do, is sit here, and be stuck, and hold yourself back, simply because you don’t know how to do something, or because you haven’t had enough practice to get better at something.

Trust me when I say this:

You do NOT want to be your own biggest obstacle.

Holding yourself back is a form of self-deprecation.


Please STOP.


Okay, now back to how to stay relevant and current, in this digital age…

4 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand As A Dancer in 2019

4 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand As A Dancer in 2019

1. Learn how to pivot.

2. Be flexible and adaptable.

3. Jump on things when they’re hot.

4. Be willing to do what’s unpopular, and uncommon.


Here’s what I mean…

1. Learn how to pivot. When you notice that something isn’t working as well as it used to work for you, it’s time to pivot. In basketball, pivoting is the action of stepping with one foot, while keeping the other foot at its point of contact with the floor.


So let’s relate this to social media, or your online presence. I want you to keep one foot in place (on Instagram for example), then I want the other foot to be moving around, to see what sticks.

Meaning, if you noticed that you’re not getting a whole lot of engagement on your Instagram posts anymore (which are mostly photos), you need to try posting videos to your IGTV Channel, and sharing the previews on your Instagram profile (which is almost guaranteed to get you more engagement).


Or, if you find that you’re not getting enough traffic to your website, you need to start blogging, or creating YouTube videos, to help improve and enhance your search engine optimization.


2. Be flexible and adaptable. I mentioned above that posting videos on IGTV can get you more engagement on Instagram. This is a recent discovery, but an important one.

The truth is, social media, and this online, digital landscape is constantly changing. So you have to be ready and willing to be flexible, and adaptable at every turn.

Here’s an example, from my own experience. I’ve been actively engaged with e-mail marketing now, for about 10 years. But I recently decided to add text message marketing to my mix (Text, Dancer, to 484848 to get on my text list, and get my free e-book, “The Top 3 Ways Dancers Can Make Money Online”).

This is me adapting to an ever-changing landscape, and asking myself, “What is another way that I can stay connected with my people, besides social media, and e-mail?”


Basically, you can never get too comfortable. It’s okay to have a seat on a comfy chair, just don’t take your shoes off, and put your feet up, because someone will be coming to replace that chair with a stand-up desk soon.

Then you will need to get up and move again. That’s what being adaptable is all about. Always be ready to shift, and move when needed.

3. Jump on things when they’re hot. When it comes to social media and technology, the early adopters always win. The sooner you jump on a hot trend, and learn how to maximize it, for the benefit of your personal brand or business, the better.

In the early days of anything, it’s easier to stand out and be seen, but most people are scared or hesitant to try new things, so they wait, and procrastinate, and then end up missing out on an incredible opportunity.


Live videos on Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube are a prime example. These are incredible tools for you to connect with your target audience online, build trust, build personal relationships, stand out from your competitors, and build your brand’s authority and affinity online.

But yet most people and companies, still don’t go live on social media. Go figure.


You need to have stamina and patience to win in the world of social media, but you also need speed and agility. Learn how to move quickly, and figure things out along the way, by doing.

4. Be willing to do what’s unpopular, and uncommon. Back in 2010 I launched my internet radio show/podcast, “The Kiner Hour: Let’s Talk Dance with Ashani Mfuko”. Back then, everybody and their mama didn’t have a podcast, like they do today.

This was highly uncommon back then, and there weren’t a lot of people doing this type of online media, especially not in the dance industry.

A year later, we began filming the first episodes of my dance tv show, “Inside New York City Dance”. Once again, there was no other show like this on tv, or online at the time, and it was very uncommon for a dancer to be hosting and producing a dance tv show, of this caliber, back in 2011-2013.


I say all that to reiterate my point. Ask yourself:


“What are people in my industry NOT doing? How can I position myself to differentiate and distinguish myself from my peers?”

Be willing to try something new and unconventional for your industry. I am in the process of finalizing my new App, and I’m so excited about it! Now although Apps are obviously very popular, common, and widely used by millions of people every day, there aren’t many dance professionals who have their own App. So once again, I’m taking advantage of unique ways to set myself apart from other experts in my field, and utilizing other tools to stay connected to my community, outside of social media.


At the end of the day, getting too comfortable, staying where you are, and doing the same things, year in and year out, is not ultimately going to benefit you, or help you grow.


Life is fluid. Life is constant change. Embrace it. Celebrate it, and make it work to your advantage.



That’s how to stay relevant, and to keep winning, no matter your age, location, or stage you are in professionally. Adaptability is key.


What part of this post spoke to you the most? What was your #1 takeaway? Post it in the comments below, and let’s chat about it!

Do you want to be in the same place you are today, a year from now?

If not, what are you doing differently now, to bring about that change? Today I’m sharing some tips on how to reach your goals faster!

I did a Facebook live  on the topic, “What’s The Cost of Staying Where You Are?”.  You can watch it on Facebook here.

Let me take the pressure off of you for just a moment, and share some things that I’ve been doing, since last year, and what I’m currently doing to up-level my professional and business growth.


My Journey

Last year, I basically did EVERYTHING differently! I went to events that I had never been to before, so that I could learn from people who are 50 steps ahead of me business wise, and gain some extremely valuable knowledge to level up in my business.

I invested in an online business training program called,1K1Day Academy, with my Business Coach, Nicole Walters (she has the #1 Business podcast in the world), and then joined her private, monthly membership program for entrepreneurs, so that I could continue to learn from her (this alone has been life-changing!).

I also invested thousands of dollars in more business trainings, coaching, and digital products from other leading entrepreneurs, in the online information space.

This year, I started the year off doing an online business program called, “Planning for Profits” with Jeanine Blackwell (a multi-millionaire entrepreneur). I’m also currently enrolled in Marie Forleo’s “B-School”, as well as Sean Cannell’s Program, “Video Ranking Academy”.

Next month, I’ll be doing Mattie James’ new program, “Pitch Please”, which teaches Influencers how to nail five figure brand partnerships and sponsorships, every month.

We’re just 3 months into 2019, but can you imagine the impact all of this investing in myself will have on my business (and on me personally, for that matter)?


I can guarantee you that I will NOT be in the same place I am today, a year from now! And frankly, where I’m currently at, ain’t bad at all.

How To Reach Your Goals Faster

To sum up why I’m constantly making significant leaps and continuous progress towards my goals:

1) I put God first. My faith, my purpose, and my trust in His wisdom and guidance is what keeps me on track, and ahead of the game.

2) I invest in myself on a monthly (and sometimes weekly, or even daily) basis.

3) I implement, execute, and put into practice what I learn immediately.

4) I put myself, my programs, and products out there, BEFORE I feel ready, and I continuously win (the best feedback you will ever receive is from the people that you are called to serve…but they need to know what you’re offering first, in order to give you valuable feedback).

5) I do things that make me feel uncomfortable, because they help me to grow to new levels.

6) I surround myself with people who are positive, forward-thinking, risk-takers, status quo-breakers, legacy-makers, smarter than me, and have an abundance mindset (not a “lack mindset”).



THIS is how you reach your goals faster!!

It all comes down to your mindset, your daily habits, your willingness to move before you feel ready, your ability to invest in yourself, to apply what you’re learning, and to surround yourself with the right people.


Because at the end of the day…

While you’re waiting, you’re losing.

While you’re trying to figure everything out first, you’re losing money and momentum.

The people will tell you what they want, but you have to put yourself, and your stuff out there first.

Stop being afraid. Stop being lazy. Stop procrastinating.

I launched my new online video course (Video Mastery Academy), without a name (initially), & no Sales page (initially), but still had people signing up!



Common Excuses:

“But I’m not ready to (fill in the blank)…”

“But I don’t know how to (fill in the blank)…”

“I don’t even know what I want to do, who my target audience is, or how to do all of this online/social media stuff…”



Take action and see what happens…God will reveal the next steps to you as you move. But you have to be moving!


What’s ONE THING you need to move on today?  Tell me in the comments below! I want to encourage you, and hold you accountable!


Please share this post on social media, and help someone else move forward towards their dreams today!


Would you like some help?

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P.S. If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results. Nothing changes, if nothing changes. Let’s get you from where you are now, to where you want to be, ASAP. Book a Discovery Call with me HERE.

Ashani Mfuko's Blog Update 2016 - I Haven't Blogged In A Year! Here's Why...

Ashani Mfuko's Blog Update 2016 - I Haven't Blogged In A Year! Here's Why...

I’ve had a LOT going on over the past year! Here’s why I haven’t been blogging…but don’t worry, I’m Back!

I never thought that I would go a year without updating my blog, after blogging consistently for 7 years straight! It feels so wrong to even say that out loud, “I haven’t updated my blog in a year”. Wow! My blog has always been very important to me, and one of the key ways that I connect with you, and many others online. But life has a way of causing you to do some unexpected things.


It is JUNE! JUNE!!! Where has the past year gone? My Lawd! Well, I guess I have been a little busy, ya know, taking care of two children, ages two and under, and simultaneously working my behind off! lol



But no seriously, I have not updated my blog in almost an entire year? What happened?


My last blog post here was the post where I shared my birth story with all of you, from my hospital bed. As most of you already know, last summer, at only 25 weeks pregnant, my water broke. So I ended up on bed rest in the hospital for a couple of weeks, until I ended up going into labor, at only 27 weeks pregnant. Our second daughter, Dalila, was born via c-section on July 9th of 2015, and ended up staying the in the NICU for a little over two months, before coming home with us.


While all of that was happening, I simultaneously (from my hospital bed) started consulting as the Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing for Bloch Dance USA (a world-famous dancewear company), which meant that I was choosing not to take any maternity leave. So things were just a tad bit INTENSE last summer!


Fast forward almost a year, and I’m here writing this blog post to reconnect with you, let you know what I’ve been up to, and share some exciting new developments with you!


Baby/Mommy Update

If you’ve been following me on social media, then you already know that baby Dalila is doing AWESOME! She will be 11 months old in about a week, and she is growing and developing at a normal rate, even though she was born a preemie (3 months early). She’s trying to crawl, trying to talk, and still breastfeeding like a champ! She hasn’t had any health issues or sickness of any sort, and we are so excited and feel so blessed to have her in our lives!


Her big sister Zuri loves and adores her, and is always hugging her, kissing her, and telling her that she loves her. It’s the sweetest thing EVER!



So thank you all for your prayers and support throughout the whole ordeal that we went through last year. We made it! God is faithful!



Personal Milestone


One other REALLY exciting thing that happened earlier this year is, we became homeowners!!! Yes! We bought our dream home, and moved out of New York City, to Orange County, NY, and we are loving it! It was a bit of culture shock for me at first, and definitely took a period of adjusting to the new surroundings (hello deer!), and getting used to driving everywhere. But other than that, it’s been a wonderful, positive change, and the girls love it! We’re only about an hour away from NYC, so we still go the city on the weekends for church, and other activities/events. God is truly amazing!!



Business Update

It’s been a really exciting year for me, as I’ve started working with some pretty incredible, new social media clients over the past year including, Camille A. Brown & Dancers, and the beautiful dancing sisters, Alicia Graf Mack (former Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater company member), and Daisha Graf (MBK Recording Artist, and Commercial Dancer Extraordinaire), on their upcoming “Made To Move” dance intensive, through DNA Arts Collective, to name a few.

But in addition to that, I’ve been secretly working behind the scenes on something BRAND NEW, and a little scary, to be honest. It’s something that I’m building specifically for the dance industry, with the next 10-20 years in mind. As a professional dancer/dance teacher myself, it’s so important for me to use my skills and expertise to empower other dancers, and build up the dance community. The infrastructure of the dance industry is really broken, and needs some serious fixing. So I want to do my part to empower dancers to help resolve that problem, and create a better life for themselves, for their families, and for the future of dance.

More details on that to come. So make sure you follow me on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, for all of my latest developments on that front.


Social Media Update


Over the past year, two things have really come to the forefront, as it relates to social media, and I am diving right in, and I hope that you will too! Facebook live and Snapchat are where it’s at!



Facebook Live


Facebook live is absolutely one of the hottest things happening on social media right now. Periscope became very popular in 2015, but in 2016, Facebook live is taking over, and it has many advantages. If you’re someone who is active on Facebook and interested in growing your audience on there, so that you can grow your business, or personal brand, Facebook live is the way to go.


Facebook gives priority to live broadcasts in the news feed, which we know is a very competitive place, and can really give you a leg up on your competitors, if done properly and consistently. Your live broadcasts are also saved as a video on your page, so that people can view it even after your live broadcast is over.


Video is, and will always be one of the best ways to connect with your audience in a personal way, and build trust with your audience online, at a faster rate.



I recently did my first Facebook live broadcast discussing, “How Dance Companies and Businesses Can Use Facebook Live To Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement“. It was a very impromptu, spur of the moment kind of thing, but still very effective. After boosting the post, it received almost 4,000 views, which is pretty great.


This morning, I had a message burning in my heart, that I really wanted to get out, so I did another Facebook live broadcast, with a special message for young, aspiring dancers, who want to build a professional career. You can watch it on Facebook here.


My advice to you, if you’re serious about growing your business or personal brand, using Facebook, is to dive in to live video broadcasts on Facebook, head first! Don’t think about it, just go for it! It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but you will get the hang of it, and your business will benefit from it greatly! You can read some tips on how to use Facebook live HERE.





Snapchat, as many other social media sites do, started out as a place for the youngsters to share quick videos, and photos (called Snaps), that would disappear immediately after viewing them. It was a place to be silly (and in some cases really inappropriate), and didn’t appear to have much value as an app, or social platform. But all that has changed!


Snapchat is not just for kids, or millenials, as many of you may think. Snapchat is a fantastic platform to share the real, raw you! It gives you an opportunity to take your followers on a journey with you (or your company), and get a real-life view, or snapshot of what your brand is all about. With Snapchat stories (which are available for viewing for 24 hours), you can create an entire movie in a sense, and take your viewers behind the scenes of your biz, or your life.


Add Ashani Mfuko on Snapchat

Add me on Snapchat for a behind-the-scenes look into my crazy life -> Ashani Mfuko



I have personally become slightly obsessed with Snapchat (add me here). But it’s because I love the rawness, and the realness of this platform. It gives you an opportunity to just be you, and connect and chat with people in such a personal way, that you don’t experience on other social platforms. Learn more about how to use Snapchat HERE.



Again, my advice to you is to jump on board now! Don’t wait until Snapchat becomes even more popular, or algorithms come into play, or whatever natural evolution happens. Start building a presence on there now, and get comfortable with using this amazing app, which allows people to see the real you, and really experience what your brand is all about.



Don’t be scared. Dive in!



Thank you again for stopping by, and taking the time to read this update from me. I promise you that this will not be my only blog post for the next year lol. I am getting into my groove again, and with two, new nannies on board, I should have more time to connect with you through my blog, in 2016.

I’d love to hear from you by the way! So if you have a question or comment about anything that I mentioned in this post, just write your comment below, and I will reply to you asap.

Love and Blessings!


If you need help with any aspect of social media, in order to really start building or growing your brand, or business, click here. I’m happy to help in any way I can!


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