How To Dramatically Improve Your Social Media Strategy In 10 Simple Steps

How To Dramatically Improve Your Social Media Strategy In 10 Easy Steps

 Take your social media strategy to the next level, starting NOW!

If you have a social media strategy in place, but you know you could get better results with a little help and direction, this post is for you. 
If you don’t have a social media strategy in place right now, then this article is a must-read for you! So I’m glad that you’re here!



It’s all fun and games on social media, until you realize you’re spending a ton of your time online, with nothing to really show for it. This is why you need to have a social media strategy, and not just any strategy. You need a strategy that is focused on getting measurable results for your brand, and that ties into your business and financial goals.


Let’s dive right in!


How To Dramatically Improve Your Social Media Strategy In 10 Simple Steps



1. Get more specific about your target audience. Every successful business owner, and experienced marketer will tell you that you need to speak to an audience of one, even on social media. Having a customer avatar, or customer profile in mind, is crucial to how you create posts to share on social media, and also, what hashtags you choose to use. If you’re too general, your ideal customer will overlook your message, because it doesn’t speak to them specifically. Remember, everyone is not your target audience. The more specific you can be, the more effective your social media strategy will be.




2. Create a high-value lead magnet. Not only do people love free stuff, but nowadays, we’ve come to expect to get something for free, before we even make a purchase. As you focus on getting your fans and followers from social media, onto your e-mail list, come up with a really fantastic, free, incentive for signing up. What your free lead magnet should be, will differ, depending on your industry, products, and services. But whatever you do, make it GOOD!! Make it so irresistible, that people are excited to give you their e-mail address, so they can get immediate access to this amazing, FREE bonus!



3. Promote your free lead magnet, EVERYWHERE!! Your free, lead magnet should be in a prominent place on your website, and one of the first things people see when they visit your website. But, what if people are not on your website? How will they know about your amazing free gift to your new e-mail subscribers? You have to promote it! Don’t be shy! When you’re offering something of value to people, that you know will benefit them in a big way, you should never feel uncomfortable about sharing and promoting it. Create a unique link to your website, where your fans and followers can access the gift, and post it on all of your social media accounts. That way, you can track how many clicks you’re getting on that specific link, and be able to evaluate the effectiveness of this campaign. On Instagram, be sure to put this link as the one, clickable link on your profile.



4. Recognize your weaknesses and where you need help. In some cases, you may already know where you are struggling on social media and why. In other cases, you may feel like you’re doing all the right things, but still not getting the results you want. That’s when it’s time to take a step back, and evaluate where there may be holes in your strategy, that are slowing you down.
Ask yourself some key questions:
  • Are you posting consistently every day?
  • Are your post images/videos/content high-quality, and visually-pleasing?
  • Are you sharing things that are helpful, motivational, and value-driven for your online audience?
  • Are you using the right hashtags?
  • Are you focusing on the right social media platforms, where your specific target audience is most active?
This is a good place to start to find out where your weaknesses lie. Then, you can take the proper steps to focus on improving and getting stronger in those specific areas.



5.  Invest in professional help. When it comes to social media, there’s only so much that you can do on your own. At some point you’re going to need to connect with someone who’s more knowledgeable than you, in order to grow your online brand and business, through social media marketing. The longer you wait to do this, the longer it will be before you start seeing the kind of results you desire through your social media presence. Make the investment to get help from a social media professional, and expand your knowledge and strategy as soon as possible. Time is money.


#SocialMedia tip: There comes a point when you have to invest some money into your social media presence. Whether it’s through hiring a consultant or an agency to help you, or through taking online courses or reading books, you have to invest money at some point, in order to grow your knowledge about social media. Free information and resources will only get you so far. Let me tell you a little secret: I take things that I spend money on much more seriously than the free stuff. When I invest my hard earned cash into something, I know that it’s up to me to ensure that I get a return on my investment. And I like to get a BIG return on my investments. How about you? #shineonsocialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediastrategy #branding

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6. Create a Strategy. Having a strategy in place means that you have a set goal (gaining more customers or clients, increasing your e-mail subscribers, increasing the attendees at your events, etc.), then you create a list of action items you need to do, every day, in order to make that goal happen. What marketers refer to as a “Sales Funnel”, is the process by which you take a new customer from being a “cold lead”, meaning, someone who’s never heard of you or your business, to becoming an actual paying customer for your business. Using social media, it usually goes from a social media post (or ad), to a free offer to join your e-mail list, then from your free lead magnet (free offer/incentive for joining your list), to your website, to a purchase. But there has to be lots of added value for the potential client or customer throughout that entire process.




 7. Add value. Become a master at helping people, offering solutions, and lifting people up. There’s a reason why motivational quotes perform so well on social media, across the board. You can’t just get active on social media when you have something to promote. You have to be sharing valuable, helpful and motivational content every day. You have to give, and you have to serve. Stop tagging people on Facebook all willy nilly. Stop being lazy, and trying to take the easy way out. Stop adding people to groups without their permission. ADD VALUE & EARN PEOPLE’S ATTENTION ON SOCIAL MEDIA. What you earn, you keep. Put in the work. Stop looking for shortcuts!

Success online through social media marketing is Simple, but NOT Easy. Here are the 5 C’s of Successful Social Media Marketing: 1) Compelling Content 2) Consistency 3) Care & Concern 4) Conversation 5) Community ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ But remember, one of your ultimate goals should be to get the people who are connected with your brand on social media, to then go to your website or blog, and join your e-mail subscriber list. Then, you have direct access to their e-mail inbox, which allows you to connect with them on a more intimate level, on a regular basis, whether they see your social media updates or not. There is power in your list. Start building it now, and let that be one of your main goals within your social media strategy. Build that list!! #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediastrategy #branding #businesstips #digitalmarketing #entrepreneur #dancer #blogger

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8. Upgrade your visual content. You have to post quality visual content on social media if you want people to engage with your content. It needs to be clear, eye-catching, vibrant, have a message that people can relate to, or that sparks curiosity, etc. You can’t post low-quality images, and expect people to take your brand seriously. But you don’t necessarily need to invest a ton of money in order to do this. My favorite tool to create visual content for social media, from my computer, is Canva. It’s a free tool that you can use to create professional-level, branded images. If you decide you want to use one of their pre-designed templates, or stock photos, it’s only $1 per/image. You can’t beat that! Another idea is to do one photo shoot with a professional photographer, and get tons of photos that you can use, and re-purpose for social media.


9. Be consistent. Create a social media content calendar. Create your visual content in bulk, in advance. Schedule your content in advance, to keep your brand’s pages and profiles populated and active though out the day and evening. Share and be active even when you don’t have anything to promote. And when you do have something to promote, remember the 80/20 principle. Share, give, and add value 80% of the time, and promote your product, service, classes, or event, 20% of the time.


#SocialMedia Tip: Became a master at helping people, offering solutions, and lifting people up.▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ In order to be successful on social media, you have to give, and you have to serve.▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Don’t be lazy, and try to take the easy way out. Add VALUE, and EARN people’s attention on social media. What you earn, you keep. ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Put in the work. Stop looking for short cuts. Nothing worth having comes easily.▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ If you need help with upgrading or enhancing your social media strategy or presence, I’m happy to help you. Send me a DM, and let’s chat! 😎 #SHINEonSocialMedia

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10. Have a clear brand message. Make sure everything you post online has a purpose, and ties into, and represents your brand in the best way possible. Add a watermark, or your social media handle, and website to your photos and videos, so that people recognize it as original content that your brand created. Use a consistent color scheme in your images, that tie into the visuals on your website, so that there’s a cohesive look, all around.





Engage! You have to engage with your fans and followers online if you ever hope to be able to convert them into paying customers. Building trust and relationships with your target audience online can only happen through daily engagement. Comment on other people’s photos and posts, in your target market, and always reply to all of the comments you receive on your social accounts too. Don’t miss out on this key step to success and optimal results on social media.


Remember, help people, and offer solutions to your audience, through social media. People like it when you’re helpful and relatable. That likeability factor can be what determines whether someone chooses your brand over another person, or company.



Growing a successful brand or business through social media marketing is simple, but not easy. If it were easy, everyone on social media would be a millionaire. Don’t look for shortcuts. Put in the time, effort, and investment required to build a successful business or personal brand through social media, and you will get the results you want.


Where do you struggle the most when it comes to social media? Let me know where you need help in the comments below, and I’ll be glad to offer you some advice to help relieve your frustrations, and get you moving in the right direction.


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Ashani Mfuko's Blog Update 2016 - I Haven't Blogged In A Year! Here's Why...

Ashani Mfuko's Blog Update 2016 - I Haven't Blogged In A Year! Here's Why...

I’ve had a LOT going on over the past year! Here’s why I haven’t been blogging…but don’t worry, I’m Back!

I never thought that I would go a year without updating my blog, after blogging consistently for 7 years straight! It feels so wrong to even say that out loud, “I haven’t updated my blog in a year”. Wow! My blog has always been very important to me, and one of the key ways that I connect with you, and many others online. But life has a way of causing you to do some unexpected things.


It is JUNE! JUNE!!! Where has the past year gone? My Lawd! Well, I guess I have been a little busy, ya know, taking care of two children, ages two and under, and simultaneously working my behind off! lol



But no seriously, I have not updated my blog in almost an entire year? What happened?


My last blog post here was the post where I shared my birth story with all of you, from my hospital bed. As most of you already know, last summer, at only 25 weeks pregnant, my water broke. So I ended up on bed rest in the hospital for a couple of weeks, until I ended up going into labor, at only 27 weeks pregnant. Our second daughter, Dalila, was born via c-section on July 9th of 2015, and ended up staying the in the NICU for a little over two months, before coming home with us.


While all of that was happening, I simultaneously (from my hospital bed) started consulting as the Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing for Bloch Dance USA (a world-famous dancewear company), which meant that I was choosing not to take any maternity leave. So things were just a tad bit INTENSE last summer!


Fast forward almost a year, and I’m here writing this blog post to reconnect with you, let you know what I’ve been up to, and share some exciting new developments with you!


Baby/Mommy Update

If you’ve been following me on social media, then you already know that baby Dalila is doing AWESOME! She will be 11 months old in about a week, and she is growing and developing at a normal rate, even though she was born a preemie (3 months early). She’s trying to crawl, trying to talk, and still breastfeeding like a champ! She hasn’t had any health issues or sickness of any sort, and we are so excited and feel so blessed to have her in our lives!


Her big sister Zuri loves and adores her, and is always hugging her, kissing her, and telling her that she loves her. It’s the sweetest thing EVER!



So thank you all for your prayers and support throughout the whole ordeal that we went through last year. We made it! God is faithful!



Personal Milestone


One other REALLY exciting thing that happened earlier this year is, we became homeowners!!! Yes! We bought our dream home, and moved out of New York City, to Orange County, NY, and we are loving it! It was a bit of culture shock for me at first, and definitely took a period of adjusting to the new surroundings (hello deer!), and getting used to driving everywhere. But other than that, it’s been a wonderful, positive change, and the girls love it! We’re only about an hour away from NYC, so we still go the city on the weekends for church, and other activities/events. God is truly amazing!!



Business Update

It’s been a really exciting year for me, as I’ve started working with some pretty incredible, new social media clients over the past year including, Camille A. Brown & Dancers, and the beautiful dancing sisters, Alicia Graf Mack (former Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater company member), and Daisha Graf (MBK Recording Artist, and Commercial Dancer Extraordinaire), on their upcoming “Made To Move” dance intensive, through DNA Arts Collective, to name a few.

But in addition to that, I’ve been secretly working behind the scenes on something BRAND NEW, and a little scary, to be honest. It’s something that I’m building specifically for the dance industry, with the next 10-20 years in mind. As a professional dancer/dance teacher myself, it’s so important for me to use my skills and expertise to empower other dancers, and build up the dance community. The infrastructure of the dance industry is really broken, and needs some serious fixing. So I want to do my part to empower dancers to help resolve that problem, and create a better life for themselves, for their families, and for the future of dance.

More details on that to come. So make sure you follow me on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, for all of my latest developments on that front.


Social Media Update


Over the past year, two things have really come to the forefront, as it relates to social media, and I am diving right in, and I hope that you will too! Facebook live and Snapchat are where it’s at!



Facebook Live


Facebook live is absolutely one of the hottest things happening on social media right now. Periscope became very popular in 2015, but in 2016, Facebook live is taking over, and it has many advantages. If you’re someone who is active on Facebook and interested in growing your audience on there, so that you can grow your business, or personal brand, Facebook live is the way to go.


Facebook gives priority to live broadcasts in the news feed, which we know is a very competitive place, and can really give you a leg up on your competitors, if done properly and consistently. Your live broadcasts are also saved as a video on your page, so that people can view it even after your live broadcast is over.


Video is, and will always be one of the best ways to connect with your audience in a personal way, and build trust with your audience online, at a faster rate.



I recently did my first Facebook live broadcast discussing, “How Dance Companies and Businesses Can Use Facebook Live To Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement“. It was a very impromptu, spur of the moment kind of thing, but still very effective. After boosting the post, it received almost 4,000 views, which is pretty great.


This morning, I had a message burning in my heart, that I really wanted to get out, so I did another Facebook live broadcast, with a special message for young, aspiring dancers, who want to build a professional career. You can watch it on Facebook here.


My advice to you, if you’re serious about growing your business or personal brand, using Facebook, is to dive in to live video broadcasts on Facebook, head first! Don’t think about it, just go for it! It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but you will get the hang of it, and your business will benefit from it greatly! You can read some tips on how to use Facebook live HERE.





Snapchat, as many other social media sites do, started out as a place for the youngsters to share quick videos, and photos (called Snaps), that would disappear immediately after viewing them. It was a place to be silly (and in some cases really inappropriate), and didn’t appear to have much value as an app, or social platform. But all that has changed!


Snapchat is not just for kids, or millenials, as many of you may think. Snapchat is a fantastic platform to share the real, raw you! It gives you an opportunity to take your followers on a journey with you (or your company), and get a real-life view, or snapshot of what your brand is all about. With Snapchat stories (which are available for viewing for 24 hours), you can create an entire movie in a sense, and take your viewers behind the scenes of your biz, or your life.


Add Ashani Mfuko on Snapchat

Add me on Snapchat for a behind-the-scenes look into my crazy life -> Ashani Mfuko



I have personally become slightly obsessed with Snapchat (add me here). But it’s because I love the rawness, and the realness of this platform. It gives you an opportunity to just be you, and connect and chat with people in such a personal way, that you don’t experience on other social platforms. Learn more about how to use Snapchat HERE.



Again, my advice to you is to jump on board now! Don’t wait until Snapchat becomes even more popular, or algorithms come into play, or whatever natural evolution happens. Start building a presence on there now, and get comfortable with using this amazing app, which allows people to see the real you, and really experience what your brand is all about.



Don’t be scared. Dive in!



Thank you again for stopping by, and taking the time to read this update from me. I promise you that this will not be my only blog post for the next year lol. I am getting into my groove again, and with two, new nannies on board, I should have more time to connect with you through my blog, in 2016.

I’d love to hear from you by the way! So if you have a question or comment about anything that I mentioned in this post, just write your comment below, and I will reply to you asap.

Love and Blessings!


If you need help with any aspect of social media, in order to really start building or growing your brand, or business, click here. I’m happy to help in any way I can!


How I Survived My First Year As A Mom via

How I Survived My First Year As A Mom via

Becoming a mom was the most exciting and scariest experience of my life! Here’s how I got through this crazy first year of motherhood!

Awe, Shock, Fear, Excitement, Overwhelm, Craziness, Sleep-Deprivation, Identity-Crisis, Unconditional Love, Maturity, Selflessness, Protector, Clarity, Confusion, Discernment, Unspeakable Joy, Happiness, Evolution, Transformation, Revelation…

These are the words that come to mind when I think about my first year as a mommy!

I can’t even believe that my daughter is one-year old today!! It still feels weird to say, “my daughter”. I never pictured myself as a mom, but here I am. This year has gone by so fast! It feels like just yesterday, I was in the hospital being prepped for my c-section. Now here I am, a year later, and….I SURVIVED MY FIRST YEAR! Woo Hoo!!

What has this year been like? Well, those words that I listed above pretty much sum it up. In case you were wondering, yes, you read the words clarity and confusion correctly. Don’t those two words contradict each other you ask? Yes, they absolutely do!! But that’s pretty much how motherhood is, at least for your first year.


You may start out on one path, and think you know exactly where it leads, but trust me, God’s plans are so much greater, and better than anything you can imagine!

You may start out on one path, and think you know exactly where it leads, but trust me, God’s plans are so much greater, and better than anything you can imagine!


Recently, while at my nephew’s birthday party, a friend of the family, who only knew me as, “Ashani, the Dancer”, asked how I got involved in social media consulting. This is a question that I get asked all the time. So I figured it was time that I shared my journey here on my blog, so that everyone could read it.

First, I must say that, life sometimes takes you in unexpected directions. But, when you trust God, you don’t have to worry. You can find peace in knowing that everything that happens is working together for your good. Even when you don’t understand. Now on to my story…


Here's a detailed recap of my very first Mother's Day as a mommy (in photos)!! It was AWESOME!

Here’s a detailed recap of my very first Mother’s Day as a mommy (in photos)!! It was AWESOME!


My first Mother’s Day as a mom was pretty epic. The celebration actually started the Wednesday before Mother’s Day, and just got more and more exciting with every day that passed!


#MNOMamarazzi Moms' Night Out Mamarazzi® Private Screening - Pictured here, The Moms, Denise Albert (left) & Melissa Musen Gerstein (right)

#MNOMamarazzi Moms’ Night Out Mamarazzi® Private Screening – Pictured here, The Moms, Denise Albert (left) & Melissa Musen Gerstein (right)


#1 Brand

Over the past weekend, I was blessed with the opportunity to speak on a panel on Branding, at the Dance Critics Association Conference in Vancouver, Canada! It was a wonderful experience, and the other members of the panel were very insightful, and made it a very rich and informative experience for everyone who was there.

I wanted to publish a post, here on my blog, touching on many of the aspects I believe are very important, and critical to building a successful, powerful, and profitable brand online. Check out my tips, and feel free to post your questions and comments below.


The goal is to create a brand online that matches & represents who you are in person, and the success that you’ve experienced in real life, online.


Ashani Mfuko Dance Magazine Feature

I had to share this exciting news with you! I am honored and blessed to have a special feature in the August issue of Dance Magazine! I am referred to as a “Media Maven“, and the article highlights the work that I’ve done on my dance tv show, “Inside NYC Dance”.


Ashani Mfuko photo

Ashani Mfuko Motivational photo

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” ~ Galatians 6:9 — Be encouraged today!

Welcome to my blog! I’m Ashani Mfuko, Social Media Strategist, Business Coach, TV Host, and Dance Entrepreneur. Today I am going to share some very valuable advice with you on, “How To Stay Strong and Positive During Difficult Times & Life Challenges”.
Lord knows, I’ve seen my share of difficult times and life challenges: from the unexpected death of a loved one, to almost being evicted, to dealing with the aftermath of a failed long-term relationship, I’ve certainly experienced some very low times throughout my life. But one thing has remained the same, no matter haw bad things got for me, and that is:
God’s faithfulness
God has been so good to me! Even through all of my trials and difficulties, I am a living testimony that you can overcome sadness, depression, discouragement, and despair, by the power of His name.
I want you to know that, all of my advice, and tips, are based on biblical principles, so you’ll hear me reference scriptures from the bible that relate to what I’m talking about, throughout my blog posts here. All that I am, and all that I am able to do, stems from my faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior. He is the foundation of my joy, peace, and my life, and I’m so glad that I don’t have to go through life on my own, and in my own strength, as a result of my faith.
On that note, let’s delve into some of the challenges we all face on a day-to-day basis, and my 3 power tips for staying positive and overcoming your life challenges.
There are 3 main tests, trials, or challenges we all face throughout our lives:
1. Daily Challenges: Examples – leaving your keys in the car, missing the train for work, being overlooked for a raise at work, or rejected from an audition, having a sick child, a minor car accident, or getting surprised by an unexpected expense.
2. Major Life Challenges: Examples – the death of a loved one, a major sickness or serious injury, losing your home, being evicted from your apt, or the end of a serious, long-term relationship.
3. Extended Life Challenges: Examples – chronic pain or illness, unemployment, debt, finishing your higher education, waiting for your prayers to be answered, making major life changes (like overcoming an addiction, or unhealthy lifestyle or relationship habits), the journey to pursuing your dreams and goals, or starting your own business.
One thing that all of these challenges have in common is, they are all here to develop specific character qualities in us, that God wants all of us to have, which are: 
Faith and trust in Him, patience, gratitude, empathy and compassion, and a desire to live our lives His way, based on His word, not on our own selfish desires. 
All of the challenges we face each day, can develop these qualities in us, if we allow God to do the work that only He can do in our lives.
In my Motivational podcast entitled, “How To Live Your Purpose With Passion, Patience, and Perseverance”, I talk about how God calls all of us to: “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” ~ Luke 10:27.
Well, I think the hardest part of that is to love your neighbor as yourself. If you disagree, just take a ride on a New York City subway during rush hour, or at Christmastime, and you will feel my pain. 😉 But at the end of the day, we don’t have to try to over come these challenges on our own. God is there for us, guiding us, strengthening us, and encouraging us, every step of the way
So today, I’d like to share with you…
 3 Tips To Stay Strong and Positive During Difficult Times and Life Challenges

1. Start the day right. Prayer, Bible, Meditation. If you have a journal, write in it. Write down what you are thankful for, and a some of the blessings that you currently have in your life.This can be anything from: “Thank you Lord for clean, running water, for heat, for being able to breathe, see, smell, and touch. Thank you for the ability to walk, for my food, clothing, and shelter, an dfor where you’ve brought me from , and what you’ve brought me through”. Let your first thoughts of the day be positive ones, and thoughts that uplift, empower, and strengthen you for the day ahead. Let go of disappointments and failures from the previous day and focus on all that is wonderful and positive about your life. Get centered, and let God give you divine guidance and strength to tackle the day ahead. Connect with inspirational and positive people on social media, so that your spirit will be filled, and surrounded with positive energy, all day long.

2. Know That There Are Seasons In Life, & Your Tests and Trials are Temporary. When you’re going through tough times, it can feel like they are never going to end, i.e., you’re never going to get over that ex, you’re never going to get out of debt, or move into a larger home, or a better neighborhood, or that you’ll never get the victory over an area of your life where you’ve failed time and again. But that’s simply not true.
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:” ~ Ecclessiastes 3:1 Just like the seasons of the year, winter, spring, summer, and fall. They begin, and they end.

I was talking to a woman at church last week, who’s a new mom, about child birth, and she said something to me that really stood out. She said that the pain of labor and delivery is easier to bear if you just flow with it, instead of trying to resist it, or fight it. That really resonated with me, because it’s the same with our life challenges. When you take your worries, problems, and difficulties to God in prayer, and actually leave them with Him, and not try to take them back, he gives you perfect peace. And even though you still have to experience the challenges, you have confidence that God is still in control, and that things will eventually work out, and get better, because God has promised that to you.

“The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure.” ~ I Corinthians 10:13 

Be encouraged!

3. Be aware that you will have negative thoughts and feelings of self-doubt from time to time, and be prepared with the proper action steps to overcome and combat those thoughts immediately.
John 16:33 says, I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”
For every negative thought you have, think of three positive ones. For every one thing that you think is wrong in your life, think of three things that are going right. Your mind is a muscle, and it’s up to you to strengthen it, and train it how to think, respond, and react to challenges. Keep your thoughts positive, and your mouth will follow.
Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits. “ ~ Proverbs 18:21. 
Speak life, speak hope, and remember that God loves you and has created you for a divine purpose. Remind yourself of  times in the past, where God has proven himself faithful to you, and know that He has given you everything you need to get through your difficulty, and to experience all of the great things that He has promised you. You just have to hold on. Always reinforce the truth that, you are fully capable of reaching your goals, and getting through this difficult time. Speak the word of God over life: “With God All things are possible”, “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me”,


When in doubt, refer back to your purpose, and know that your presence is needed in the world, and no one else can replace the unique value that you have to offer.  The purpose and passion that you feel in your heart is there for a reason. Remember that you are a gift to this world, and your voice, your talent, and your unique perspective is of high value. Your presence on this earth will change lives, and could possibly save someone’s life.
Even if you don’t feel motivated at times for yourself, let the fact that you are influencing others in a positive way motivate and empower you. So when times get tough, say to yourself, “This may be tough now, but I WILL come out of this, and when I do, I will be stronger, smarter, wiser, more sensitive & compassionate, and equipped to help someone else who is going through the same thing. This is not just about me.”
Your Homework:
  • Write down all of the challenges that you are facing today, and all of the things that are bothering you/stressing you out.
  • Now, write down all of the things that you are thankful for in your life, and write down three different instances where you went through a difficult time/trial, only to experience success and God’s faithfulness thereafter. Say a prayer, and thank God for His faithfulness, and for all that He is about to do in your life, and in the life of your loved ones.
  • Encourage someone else today who may be going through a difficult time, and post an inspirational quote, or bible scripture on your Facebook page to uplift the people in your social network.


  •  Post your comment below, and tell me what resonated with you, or what your “A-Ha” moment was.


And lastly, sharing is caring. Please share this post with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite social media sites. Let’s work together to uplift, inspire, and encourage one another! 🙂 

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