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Share on Tumblr When it comes to social media marketing, images are where it’s at. If you want your brand to stand out in the noise of social media, you have to post eye-catching, compelling images, that inspire your audience to like, share, re-tweet, and comment on your posts. This is something that you should be […]

Share on Tumblr The other day, I was at Steps On Broadway to take a Ballet class, and as I went to sign in, the front desk person said, “You’re Ashani Mfuko right?”. I responded yes (with a question mark at the end of it, because I didn’t recognize the young woman). Then she said, “I […]

Share on TumblrOwning a business is similar to owning a home. It can be a dream come true, or it can be your worst nightmare! If starting your own business is the right choice for you, it can yield some incredible benefits!  “One of the greatest benefits of having your own business is writing off […]

Share on Tumblr Online videos are one of the most powerful tools you can use to grow your business, stand out from your competitors, and promote your brand online, hands down. Are you using online videos to promote your business? All videos are not created equal, and just throwing together a low-quality video, will do […]

Share on TumblrGo through this list to ensure that your website is optimized and representing your brand in the best way possible.   12 Critical Components of a Website That Converts Visitors Into Loyal Customers   1. Eye-Catching Photos.   Colorful, high-quality images keep your website visitors on your site longer. The longer they’re on […]

Share on Tumblr  Everyone wants more engagement and more fans on their Facebook page. But what’s the secret to getting more people to like, share, and comment on your updates? Fortunately, the answer is simple. You must post content that truly resonates with your specific fan base, gets them talking, and then be consistent, and […]

Share on TumblrIn this video tutorial, I show you how to connect your Facebook fan page to Twitter, so that all of your Facebook page updates are automatically sent to your Twitter account. It’s so easy!

Share on TumblrI recently had a conversation with my husband about how incredibly powerful YouTube is, after watching the premiere of two of my fav YouTube fitness gurus’ brand new tv show on the Bravo network. To add to that, during the commercial break, I saw another very popular and successful YouTube beauty guru featured […]

Share on Tumblr Have you ever wondered how you can get more Facebook fans on your page?     Do you think that the equation below is accurate?     A Facebook page + LOTS of Facebook fans = LOTS of money     This is a question that I hear all the time from […]

Share on Tumblr Over the past weekend, I was blessed with the opportunity to speak on a panel on Branding, at the Dance Critics Association Conference in Vancouver, Canada! It was a wonderful experience, and the other members of the panel were very insightful, and made it a very rich and informative experience for everyone […]

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