The Ultimate Guide To Social Media For Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Artists, and Small Business Owners

The Ultimate Guide To Social Media For Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Artists, and Small Business Owners

The Ultimate Guide To Social Media For Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Artists, and Small Business Owners

Have you ever wished that you could quickly and easily go to one place to read the most useful and proven tips for creating an effective social media strategy, without being overwhelmed? Well, today’s your lucky day!


I’ve compiled a list of my top articles to help you create a social media marketing strategy, and online brand that converts your fans and followers, into paying customers, and loyal clients. This ultimate guide covers everything from:


  • Optimizing your website for social media.

  • Building and growing an engaged audience on your Facebook page.

  • How you can leverage a blog to become the go-to expert in your niche market.

  • The most important components of an online brand that is profitable, and stands out from your competitors.

  • How to easily create compelling, eye-catching images to share on your social media profiles.

  • How to host a successful Twitter chat, build your Twitter following, and connect with prospects on Twitter.

  • The 5 KEY questions you NEED to answer, in order to create an effective and successful social media marketing strategy.


Transforming your fans, followers, and subscribers into paying customers requires expert-level social media strategies, and extensive knowledge in relationship marketing in this digital age.



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Here is a list of 18 articles that make up my:


“Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing For Entrepreneurs, Artists, and Small Business Owners”


(Just click on the title to read the article. It will open in a separate window):


1. My Top 10 Tips For Building A Powerful and Profitable Brand Online


2. 7 Simple Ways To Quickly Create New Content For Your Blog


3. The #1 Free Social Media Tool For Creating Compelling Images Online


4. 15 Simple Tips To Immediately Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy


5. 12 Critical Components of a Website That Converts Visitors Into Loyal Customers


6. 5 Key Questions To Answer Within Your Social Media Strategy


7. How Can I Get More Facebook Fans? Is A Contest or Giveaway The Answer?


8. 3 Proven Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Reach and Engagement Today


9. 10 Quick & Easy Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement Today


10. How To Connect Your Facebook Page To Twitter In 3 Simple Steps


11. How To Host A Successful Twitter Chat In 13 Easy Steps


12. 11 Ways To Optimize Your YouTube Channel and Videos For Maximum Views


13. The 7 Keys To Building An Online Brand That SHINES On Social Media


14. How I Doubled My YouTube Subscribers and Gained 200,000 Video Views In One Year (This Will Shock You!)


15. The #1 Key To Success On Social Media, Plus Why You Should Know About The 1 = 52 Equation


16. The Top 3 Mistakes People Make On Social Media and How To Avoid Them


17. 5 MAJOR Problems Every Brand Faces On Social Media, and How To Solve Them


18. How To Completely Change Your Perspective On What Success Means On Social Media



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Ashani Mfuko, Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Award-Winning Blogger, Dance Magazine's "Media Maven"


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Ashani Mfuko is a Social Media Marketing Strategist, Online Video Marketing Specialist, Award-Winning Blogger, and Professional Dancer. Ashani empowers dance professionals, and business owners to build profitable brands, and shine online using videos. She works with small businesses, large corporations, dance companies, dance studios, artists, &creative entrepreneurs, as a Social Media Strategist and Video Marketing Specialist. Ashani creates results-driven, innovative social media and video marketing strategies that are proven to increase your revenue and catapult your brand to expert status in your niche! She has an extensive track record of creating and implementing successful social media strategies for her clients. Ashani was also the Host and Executive Producer of the “Inside New York City Dance” television show on MNN, and is a proud wife and mom of 2 beautiful girls, with a third baby on the way (June 2017). Ashani has been featured on the “Arise & Shine Weekend Morning Show” as a social media expert, in Dance Magazine, as a “Media Maven”, as well as in Dance Mogul magazine, Inside Woman magazine, & Dance Studio Life magazine, in addition to various television shows, and dance blogs online. She is the author and creator of the, “Finance Your Dance: How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit“ e-book and workshop, “The Dancer’s Guide To Instagram” E-Guide (2016), and "The SHINE Collective" Facebook group, providing free online video marketing and mastery training classes and resources for artists, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Her dance blog won the Reader’s Choice, “Top Dance Business Blog” of the year award, two years in a row. She is a leader in the field of social media, and online video marketing, and is highly sought after as a performer, dance teacher, and dance marketing specialist in New York City, and worldwide.