#MNOMamarazzi at The Sony Screening Room - Me with my daughter Zuri, and "The Moms", Denise Albert & Melissa Musen Gerstein

#MNOMamarazzi at The Sony Screening Room – Me with my daughter Zuri, and “The Moms”, Denise Albert & Melissa Musen Gerstein


I honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud several times during a movie, and then shed a couple of tears as well (and no, it’s not because of hormones lol)! This is the kind of movie you will want to watch over and over again!


I had the pleasure of attending a private screening of the movie “Moms’ Night Out” this week, at the Sony Screening Room, along with a group of mommy bloggers, for the #MNOMamarazzi event. It also included a very lively, Q & A session with the cast after the movie. But before I go into detail about the movie, I have a confession to make…


I didn’t want to go. 


I’m a new mommy of an almost 6-month old baby girl, I work from home, and frankly, I’M EXHAUSTED!!!! The event took place in the late afternoon, into the evening, which is my daughter’s last nap of the day/bedtime. So to be out at an event at this time of day, is a real stretch for me. 

Besides that, hair, make-up, a stylish outfit for me and baby Zuri, a stroller, diaper bag, extra change of clothes for the baby, and oh, that thing called ENERGY, are a lot to get together, just to go out for a few hours! So I came very close to not going. But I’m SOOOO GLAD that I did!!


Now back to the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and the #MNOMamarazzi event as a whole. It actually gave me energy, and it felt so good to laugh out loud about the daily struggles that all moms go through, and also be reminded of just how incredible this journey truly is. 

I especially enjoyed hearing the personal parenting stories from Patricia, Sarah, Sean, and David. They were all very transparent, and down-to-earth, and brought a lot of real-life experience to the table, which is probably one of the reasons why the film was so fantastic!


Moms' Night Out Mamarazzi® - Ashani Mfuko with co-stars Patricia Heaton & Sarah Drew (and baby Zuri of course)

Moms’ Night Out Mamarazzi® – Ashani Mfuko with co-stars Patricia Heaton & Sarah Drew (and baby Zuri of course)


7 Reasons Why Every Mom Should See The Movie, "Moms' Night Out"

7 Reasons Why Every Mom Should See The Movie, “Moms’ Night Out”

1. It’s Inspirational – I walked into the movie feeling drained, exhausted, and burnt out. I walked out feeling inspired, empowered, happy, and ready to conquer another day as a new mommy! It reminded me of just how incredibly awesome it is to be a mom, and the importance of enjoying and cherishing every moment (even the crazy ones).

2. It’s Entertaining – There was never a dull moment in this film. Between the moms, the dads, the kids, and the shenanigans, this film keeps your undivided attention from beginning to end, in the best way possible.

3. It’s Real – No sugar coating here ladies! They say everything that we’re all thinking, with a humorous, lighthearted, and non-judgmental twist. It’s so cool to watch someone else dealing with the crazy situations and emotions that mommies go through every day, and be able to laugh about it.

4. It’s Family-Oriented – You can take the whole family to see this movie, and I promise that it will spark some great questions and conversations with your kids!

5. It’s Faith-Oriented – There’s a moment in the movie when one of the characters shares a beautiful story about faith and the love of God, that will uplift your spirit. It’s so unexpected, because of who it’s coming from, and also because this film is a comedy. But it’s a beautiful moment nonetheless. I would go so far as to say that, the movie is worth seeing for this inspirational moment alone. Yep, it’s that powerful, and something EVERY mother needs to hear!

6. It’s A Tear-Jerker – Yeah, that moment that I just mentioned above, it really tears at your heart, and if you are a person of faith, it will definitely touch you. Bring some kleenex with you, because there are a couple of reflective moments that may just cause you to tear up unexpectedly. I couldn’t believe that I was getting so emotional! But hey, it happens to the best of us. 🙂 

7. It’s Laugh-Out-Loud Funny – If there is one thing that every mom (and dad) needs as much as possible it’s a good, loud, from your gut, kind of laugh. This film delivers just that! Many of us in the screening room were hootin’ and hollerin’ with laughter at several times throughout the film. I love it when movies are able to take real-life situations, that are not necessarily funny in the moment, and cause us to see the humor in the situation. As parents, we can all stand to lighten up a little bit, and just take more moments to laugh!! If you want to feel good, and enjoy a good chuckle, this is the movie for you!


Baby Zuri was a trooper! This was her first movie, and she had a lot of fun!

Baby Zuri was a trooper! This was her first movie, and she had a lot of fun!


  Plus, seven more take-aways from this awesome & funny movie:


1. Every mom deals with mommy guilt. The idea of having the husband, the house, and the kids, like you always dreamed of, and finding yourself unhappy can be confusing and cause you to feel quite guilty. But the truth is, even if you are happy with your life overall, mommy guilt always manages to creep up at the most inopportune times. No matter how great of a mom you are, how many children you have, if you have your dream job and career, and the “perfect life”, we ALL struggle with mommy guilt from time to time. The key is to not let it get you down, or get out of control. Remember, you’re doing the best you can at any given moment, and your best is good enough.

2. No mom is perfect. We weren’t born mommies, and we all have things in our past that we would not want our children to repeat. But for some reason, we tend to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves. Although it’s true that there are plenty of judgmental moms out there, we’re always our own worst critic. We put pressure on ourselves to be “enough”, when, for the most part, we’re MORE than enough for our partners and children. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself! Stop beating yourself up, and stop judging yourself! Get out of your own head and recognize that you’re an awesome mom, and you’re doing a fantastic job raising your kids!

3. God made you a mom for a reason. This is HUGE! You have to remember that God doesn’t make any mistakes. If He gave you with the incredible blessing of becoming a mom, you should find peace and comfort in knowing that He is with you every step of the way. My prayer/spiritual life has grown so much stronger since I became a mom. I know for a fact that I can’t do it on my own. When I say on my own, I don’t mean, as a single mom, or anything like that. My husband is an awesome father! What I mean is, in my own strength, I could never handle the responsibilities and challenges that come with being a mom. I am leaning on and trusting in God every day, every step of the way. He alone gives me the grace and strength to be a patient and loving mom, and a Godly example for our daughter. I know that I can do it, because God is equipping me with every thing I need, every day. Mommies, you are not alone! God is with you. Call on Him whenever you need Him. Talk to Him throughout your day!

I really enjoyed meeting other mommy bloggers at this event!

I really enjoyed meeting other mommy bloggers at this event!

4. You need mommy friends, and you need to go out and have some fun! It’s great to have some alone time as a mom, if you can get it. A bubble bath, a massage, or just 30 mins. to yourself can make a huge difference. But I’ve found that the times that I enjoy the most, and the times that rejuvenate my spirit the most, always involve spending time with my girlfriends. Whether it’s hanging with fellow moms who can relate to the challenges of mommy life, or my girlfriends who don’t have kids, girls-only time is crucial to your sanity! As women, there is an energy, an empathy, and a camaraderie that we share with each other, that we simply can get anywhere else. So call up some of your gal pals, get dressed up, get your butt out of the house, and go have some fun!

5. Have a mentor (or two, or three). Allyson (Sarah Drew) has Patricia Heaton as her mentor in the movie, and frankly, we all need that mommy friend, who’s a tad more experienced, that can offer us much-needed advice, spiritual support, prayer, and encouragement. God has blessed me abundantly in this department. Besides my own mother, I am surrounded by experienced moms who I can call, text, or Facebook message at any given moment, to get advice, encouragement, or just a good laugh. Without this kind of support, I don’t believe that a mom can survive, and maintain her sanity. You need that mommy support from those who have been through it, and can offer you the knowledge and wisdom that you have yet to acquire.

6. Trust Yourself. Mommies, why do we doubt ourselves? Does it come from society’s expectations of us, from our mothers or family members, or from ourselves? No matter where it comes from, we all need to just stop it! That maternal instinct is REAL!! Trust it! I love a moment in the movie when Allyson makes light of a certain “artistic expression” from her kids, gone wrong, in a very creative way (you’ll have to watch the movie to understand what I mean). Mommies, trust that in any given situation, you will be able to figure out what to do, how to handle it, and you and your kids will be just fine. Stop doubting your decisions, your parenting methods, and your overall parenting abilities. You were made for this!!

Me with daughter Zuri, and my awesome husband, Fredy! He's a fantastic dad!

Me with daughter Zuri, and my awesome husband, Fredy! He’s a fantastic dad!

7. Dads Rock! We may joke around a lot, and pretend like dads can’t parent as well as us moms do. But the truth is, dads that love their kids, and are committed to being the best father that they can be, are awesome and priceless! There’s nothing like having a husband that loves you, supports you, and loves his kids! It’s the total package! Dads certainly have their own unique way of parenting, and it’s typically different than how us moms like to do things. But we have to give them credit. They bring qualities to the parenting table that we, as moms, either don’t have, or don’t use on a regular basis. At the end of the day, a good father will do anything for his children, and loves his kids just as much as we do. Don’t underestimate the power of a great daddy and husband. They make life even more exciting and beautiful! 


I’m so glad that I took my own advice, got dressed up, and got out of the house, with baby in tow, to attend this #MNOMamarazzi event! It was exactly the kind of “Moms’ Night Out” that I desperately needed.


A special thank you to Denise & Melissa A.K.A. “The Moms” for inviting me to this wonderful event!

What’s the best piece of mommy advice that you’ve ever received? Who shared it with you? Reply in the comments below, and let’s continue to empower, support, and encourage each other!

Wishing you a blessed and joyous Mother’s Day!

Watch the “Moms’ Night Out” movie trailer below!

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