The Top 10 Ways To Beat Social Media Algorithm Changes and Boost Your Engagement

Social media algorithm changes are always  controversial, and lead to a lot of frustration and discouragement. So if you saw a major decline in your engagement on Instagram this week, I’m really sorry, but I can tell you that, it’s not your fault.


Instagram is at it again. They recently had another algorithm change, and it has affected EVERYBODY!


But don’t worry, help is on the way!


Don’t get discouraged and think that you’re doomed on Instagram (or Facebook), and that no one will ever see your posts ever again. There’s hope, and I’m giving you all the tools you need, to beat these algorithm changes, today!


“Ashani, what the heck is an Instagram algorithm?”


This is how Instagram explains their algorithm, and what it is based on:


“Posts you’re likely to care about most will appear higher in your feed, based on the following criteria.

Timing: How recently your photo/video has been shared.
Engagement: The amount of likes and comments your post generated.
Previous interactions: How often the person interacted with your posts in the past.”


But here’s the thing. If you thought that you had this Instagram thing all figured out, and then out of nowhere, changes start happening that are out of your control, what do you do?


Here’s my advice.


Today, I’m sharing “The Top 10 Ways To Beat Social Media Algorithm Changes, and Boost Your Engagement”.

The Top 10 Ways To Beat Social Media Algorithm Changes and Boost Your Engagement

The Top 10 Ways To Beat Social Media Algorithm Changes and Boost Your Engagement


#1 Be adaptable. Always expect changes to happen on social media. Never get comfortable. Stay flexible and stay fluid, so that you’re ready to adjust to changes that are happening on social media. What does that mean exactly? It means that, you may need to adjust the times that you’re posting, or you may need to adjust the hashtags that you’re using on your posts. Through trial and error, see what changes you can make to keep your engagement up, and on track.



#2 Maintain. If what you’re doing has been working thus far, keep on doing it! What I mean is, if you’re sharing high-quality photos and videos, and people respond well to them, don’t stop sharing and don’t top posting, just because your engagement has gone down. Stay in the game, and be consistent.


#3 Learn More. You will never know it all, when it comes to social media. There is always more to learn, and things are constantly changing. Don’t get stagnant. Always seek out more knowledge to help you become more successful on social media. My new “Dancer’s Guide To Instagram” is the perfect place to start!

#4 Invest. Don’t be afraid to pay for ads on Instagram (or even Facebook for that matter). Paid ads work! They will give you the guarantee to KNOW that you are reaching your target audience, and allow them to engage with you, and possibly click on your website. They are worth the investment. Trust me, I know, from experience.


#5 Build your list. Building your e-mail list should be one of your top objectives and goals on social media for business. When you take your fans and followers off of social media (rented space), to your e-mail list (a place that you own), you don’t have be so worried about changing algorithms. Even if some of your ideal clients and customers never see your posts on social media, as long as they’re opening your e-mails, you’re golden.



#6 Collaborate. This can happen in any number of ways, but a few ideas are:

  • Host contests and giveaways with other brands in your industry, that serve your target market.

  • Feature other people’s content on your account, and tag them in the post.

  • Do a “Follow Friday” of “Friday Favs” post each week, and recommend 5 or 6 other accounts for your followers to follow, and tag them in the post.


#7 Add a call to action. Encourage your followers to engage with your content by asking questions to spark a discussion, or asking them to tag a friend (or two, or three), in the comments on your post.



#8 Switch it up. If you’ve only been posting one type of content (like photos), try sharing some videos. Original videos from you are ideal, because they create a powerful connection between you and your target audience. However, you can also share other people’s videos (preferably ones that are already popular in your niche market), on your account too. Share industry tips, motivation, behind-the-scenes, do a Q&A session, show your rehearsal process, or how you train or create. Mix it up, and make it interesting.


#9 Get more specific with your content. When you know exactly who you’re trying to reach on social media, and what their pain points are, you can create content that specifically speaks to them. This is the type of content that makes people respond with comments like, “YASSSS!”, “Amen!”, or “I can so relate to this!”, or they just automatically tag a bunch of their friends. THAT’S the kind of content you need to be posting, and more of it!



#10 Don’t Complain! Time is money, so you don’t have time to sit around complaining about how unfair it is that things keep changing, that Instagram is becoming a “pay to play” platform (like Facebook), and that your engagement is down. Use the time and energy that you would normally spend complaining about things to do tips 1-9 above. Positive action trumps whining, any day.

So again, I’m sorry that changes in social media algorithms tend to have such a negative impact on your strategy and engagement, but there are always ways around it, as long as you stay flexible, and willing to try new things. Plus, being flexible and adaptable, are great qualities to have as a person, living in such an unpredictable, and ever-changing world.

Now what? I want you to post a comment below, and let me know your number one take-away from this post, and how you plan to overcome these algorithm challenges on social media.


Or, if you have a question, feel free to post it in the comments, and I’ll be happy to answer it.

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